​​Soft, sexy and serious describes the vocal sound, beauty and professionalism of Matte'. Matte' surrenders every part of her being to entertain you. Yes ,from her release of the Cd, Sincerely I'm Yours, we receive a personalized commitment from Matte' with songs like "I Belong to You” , "Hypnotized" and " Do you feel me " to be one on one with her soul. Matte's musical genius is born from the roots of real soul music. Matte' is a former background vocalist for Al Green. This diva was also lead vocalist with Larry Lee and The Boomerang. Larry Lee is a Memphis legend who performed and recorded with Jimmy Hendrix. Talk about versatility, Matte' covers a broad spectrum of musical avenues..Growing up with the seriousness of Maurice White, creator of Earth Wind and Fire, his influence is felt in Matte's music. Serious and soulful from the first note to the last. Matte' posses the ability to make you forget about any chaos or mishap in your life. Her music and lyrical content go straight to the heart and release peace and happiness.  With roots from the Memphis sound and creative experience from her producer, John "Kousi" Harris...magic happens. Experience,integrity, professionalism, talent and love for music makes Matte' and High Pyramid Records  a unbeatable combination in the music business today. Take note... They are the best. New releases are on the horizon for Matte'. Matte' is a beautiful package sent straight to you from heaven. Inside is a heart full of compassion that is released in every song she performs.  A mother, wife, confidant, friend, lover and great cook as well as a song stylist prove life can be wonderful and best when you give your best. Matte' is living proof. Matte' is a combination of happiness and good looks. She can touch places in your heart you have forgotten about. It is an honor to see her perform. Matte' is a little bit of jazz, a whole a lot of soul mixed with blues, gospel and the urban soul. The lady can turn you up with rock and roll...don't play. Magic and mystery walk into your life when you put her latest Cd on. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to know Matte', her music, her heart. Book her for your next event, celebration, banquet or venue highlight needs.
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"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches."  - John "Kousi" Harris